About us

We are an independent company closely associated with acquirers which facilitate payments solutions. We also cooperate with e-commerce and financial experts who design and manage powerful e-shops and financial companies.

Thanks to our partnership we can help you choose the right payment solution, save on processing fees and acquisition costs.

Every year due to cashless payments e-shops in the Czech Republic spend more than 4 000 000 € on processing fees and that's why it´s important to have the right solution.

Innovation is the key part of every industry. Not offering cashless payments often means losing customers and having smaller revenues.

We keep close eye on news
from the world of e-commerce

We use reliable

We consult the solution
with experts from the field

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Using our own InspiShop platform, we build beautiful customer oriented e-shops. We are able to create a robust automated e-shop with various internal features

Our websites act as your best partner who creates confidence, leaves the best possible impression and maximizes your income.

Our partners

We team up with the strongest players. Thanks to their perfect service and stable support we are able to bring you functional and affordable solutions.

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Jan Hála

Sales Director